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Gordie and Felicia Church specialise in offering their guests an intense experience of Africa's wildlife, landscapes and people. A holiday that is an unforgettable journey – on horseback, in a vehicle, on foot or from the air; witness panoramic landscapes of unrivalled beauty. In 1971 Tony Church (Gordie’s father), the avid pioneer, set up horseback riding and wildlife safaris across East Africa. Internationally renowned for its professionalism and extraordinary experiences, Safaris Unlimited outfits journeys of discovery and exploration into Kenya’s wild and remote places.

Explore Kenya's wild and remote places on horseback

Riding in Kenya

Riding in Kenya, and in particular the famous Masai Mara, is the most game-rich wilderness location on the continent.


Unfenced and home to a prolific abundance of wildlife including the wildebeest migration, large herds of giraffe and gazelle, hippos, elephant and home to the big cats; lion, cheetah and leopard.

Far from civilisation, the sense of space and freedom is overwhelming.


These areas offer great diversity in wildlife species, birdlife and scenery whilst remaining home to the Masai and Samburu people who, with their herds of livestock, are synonymous with the region

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The very best safari is one that takes you closest to nature. Safaris Unlimited outfit mobile private-canvas luxury safaris.


Every second day, the entire camp is moved to a new location. In the pursuit of an intimate and exclusive experience the tents are pitched in secluded and beautiful areas, offering the ultimate privacy and total luxury. 

Delicious food, the best cocktails and large comfortable furnished tents with double beds and imported linen. Steaming hot showers under the stars, big fluffy towels, warm duvets and hot water bottles are just a few of the features in camp.

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The stable is home to over 25 safari horses – a mixture of Somali-Arab crossbred and thoroughbreds.


Each horse is carefully schooled, exercised and loved for the sole purpose to carry guests safely through the African wilderness. The majority have been bred and raised at home on the wildlife ranch in central Kenya.


Living at close quarters with wild animals, the horses are familiar with being amongst big game, have great endurance and are evenly tempered. 



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