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Botswana is a land of miracles and paradoxes, a flat sea of arid land which meets myriad channels of clear water interspersed with lush islands of clattering palms and expanses of harsh white salt and soft grasses. It is ever-changing, a wilderness which constantly surprises in its astonishing variety of wildlife, peoples and experiences.


We invite you to share David and Robyn Foot’s passion for this serene but exciting land by joining them to explore these remote areas on horseback. 

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Ride Botswana is the only company offering horseback safaris in diverse regions of the country, namely the Okavango Delta, the Kalahari Desert and the Thamalakane River, thus giving you the unique opportunity to experience the contrast of these magnificent landscapes and habitats. 

Combining the mosaic of wild and wet in the Okavango Delta, the unbroken stretches of the Salt Pans of the arid Kalahari Desert and the riverine woodland of the Thamalakane River, Ride Botswana offers you a horse safari unlike any other.

Believing that everyone should have the chance to experience Africa from horseback, they have designed a range of horse safaris to suit everyone - from experienced riders to complete beginners.


Born and raised in Africa, David and Robyn Foot share a love for exploring the wildest places in Africa on horseback.  Ride Botswana remains 100% owner-operated, with their eldest daughter Kirsty officially joining the business in 2016. With over 30 years guiding experience, David is considered to be one of Africa's most accomplished horse guides.

The Feet (as they are known) have a herd of thirty-eight fit, responsive and reliable horses which are adapted to their environment. They vary in breeds from sporty Thoroughbred X, to hardy Apaloosas and tough African Boerperds, as well as some lovely Shire X, Friesian X, and gentle Botswana Kalahari ponies: perfect for children.

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The horses range in size from 14hh - 17hh, and some of these can cater for the heavier rider. 

Under the guidance of our permanent and qualified Equestrian Stable Manager, a team of fifteen guides and grooms takes pride in the wellbeing of their horses, ensuring that they are well-schooled but not overworked and well rested in between safaris. 

Great care is taken when matching horse to rider. We ask all guests to respect each of our horses and treat them as they would their own; they are an integral part not only of Ride Botswana but also of the Foot Family.