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For almost 30 years we have been perfecting the art of
remote horse riding safaris, in one of the most beautiful places on the planet: The Namib Desert.  We offer challenging 10-night mobile riding safaris in some of the most remote and dramatic desert terrain Namibia has to offer.  Two nights in lodges, 8 nights camping wild with all the luxuries - ice in your sundowners, hot bucket showers, delicious food around companionable campfires. 

All the while living with horses 24/7 -
life seldom gets better.


Andrew Gillies, as host, lead guide and part owner, has a vested interest in providing guests the best desert horse riding adventure possible.

Offering scheduled 10-night mobile camping safaris, we cater for both intermediate and advanced riders.  Riding between 20 to 60 km per day, some route are almost 300 km - you need to be riding fit to participate in these challenging safaris and have advanced riding skills. 

Backed up by a slick professional team, and surrounded by a country blessed with natural appeal, these riding safaris are among those experiences the memory of which tends to last a life-time.

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The Desert

From the dramatic volcanic landforms of Damaraland to the great plains of the central Namib desert and the surprising biodiversity of the Fish River Canyon, Namibia has a bouquet of superb landscapes to explore.

Inhospitable and seemingly desolate, these hauntingly beautiful places are uninhabitable except by those that are supremely adapted - such as the magnificent herds of wild horses. 

This is perhaps what makes deserts so exceptional – experiencing the very real implications of what it takes to survive in these forbidding yet beguiling places.


One is left spellbound by the ingenuity of nature's engineering


Horses &
camp life

Camp life has an easy rhythm - 


...wake up to the aroma of fresh coffee being brewed, have a hearty breakfast, saddle up, ride, lunch and rest, ride, sundowners, shower, delicious dinner, sleep.... 

...and do it all again tomorrow....

Our horses have been bred and our tack specially adapted for purpose.  Comfortable camp beds with all weather covers, hot bucket showers and ice in your G+T's are all part of this wild experience.

By living close to nature - sleeping near your horse on the picket line, star-watching from your bed at night, and listening to the distant call of animals - all this lend itself to an authentic immersion in what is the essence of this exquisite desert.



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